Maybe each month we can have official Sponsors! April/May is Sponsored by @hellophia and @germysnorese 😀🌺 🏵️ ... I hope this is not putting you both on blast, is this a MaST faux pas

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If folks want to RT this so ppl who don't follow me see it please do!

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Hey all! To ensure that (if this server winds up being used long-term) @okcockatoo doesn't get hit with a bunch of expenses, I'm going to take over bugging folks to contribute if/when needs be. The server costs $20 a month & ppl have contributed $80 so far, so right now we are in the green. I put together a fancy google sheet that automatically emails me if Angie's in the red! If the server doesn't take off Angie says she'll donate the difference. Thank you, ever-thoughtful Angie!


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