Tfw you leave your fancy employers home where they gave you a 100 dollar bill to cover expenses for them which currently amounts to six dollars in cranberry juice cocktail, descend into the subway to go home and immediately see what could only be described as a dead body

I just need everyone to know I saw Peter Friedman aka Frank from Succession eating gelato alone in the West Village today while running errands for Maxine

Lol I wish I could have a recording of Clay’s wife Ruth asking me in the most delicately worded way possible if I am “exclusive” (monkey pox fears which I assuaged by saying we got vaccinated)

@germysnorese Oh my god this is the place I helped Win book for their Christmas lunch that has 60 dollar entrees

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First visit with Maxine and Win. It felt successful though it’s fascinating being stressed about my financial future and visiting with a couple who clearly money is no object. Like, I never get let go a full thirty minutes early on top of having a solid hour to just read?! I helped Win book a luncheon for twenty people for Christmas with his THICK AMEX card which I’m sure had an impossible limit

Todays Marianne drawing. She wanted to watch a David Attenborough documentary while we worked which she got fully absorbed into instead of drawing lol

@germysnorese lol everything is closed on Mondays so im making Holden get Monkey Pox vaccinated with me

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We have been awake for 22 hours and I am barely holding on long enough to post this. We went to bed at 9:30 last night, got up at 1:30 AM, got to Newark airport at 4:15, got upgraded to first class because of a weight distribution thing, arrived in Montreal at 7:30 AM, walked 33.4 thousand steps, had three bagels, poutine, a fancy dinner, and went to a gallery exhibit on VR and somehow we’re still not just asleep at the moment

Haha I’m standing outside of Clay’s building before my shift and this hot blonde woman just walked out on the phone and said something like ‘All I have to say is, for working moms, fuck summer’

Like can you imagine? Wearing slacks and kitten heels and saying Fuck Summer loudly in front of your building called The Traymore? What a life her life must be like

Nothing to really take the wind out of your sales then getting denied by two separate credit cards despite having EXCELLENT credit. Love adulthood in all it’s very opaque very cruel little rules.

Going through stacks and stacks and stacks of prints with Clay today, as he asks me whether or not a museum would want this piece or that piece, all while in the back of my mind I think how I need to really prioritize my wants immediately

If only our whole lives could be like the first productive day back after a trip. Yesterday we went to the beach but today! Today I had a two hour dementia training on Zoom followed by a PCR test and then grocery shopping and then I finished a book and then returned two books to the library and then checked out two more, then laundry, then started a high yield savings account AND got my credit score to apply for a credit card tomorrow (my first! dont @ me), repotted a plant AND now a workout?!

Back to New York, nephew time is over. I’m sad! But it was great!

I also definitely have a sore throat which could be from my brothers very dry air conditioned home or that I socialized at a loud outdoor garden or coronavirus

@germysnorese Oh my god there’s a train broke down ahead of us and we just found out that all of those passengers are now boarding our train. At least I have made peace with my seat mate Man Starring At Stock Market App who was also posting his Black Leather Sofa And Loveseat on eBay

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I’m on a 7 hour train ride to Richmond and there is someone on this train car with the wettest cough?! No one is masked. The man next to me is buying dumbbells on eBay.

Two paintings that are nearly done but also I should just put to bed already

Holy shit this is the second time this month a homosexual I know has their place on fucking CURBED

Archie would always throw these lavish parties in his boyfriend’s East Village penthouse apartment and now I can know that Matt is a ‘tech investor’ from Curbed

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