Hi all, so sorry! I know the server was slow/down last night but the plan has now been upgraded and things should be faster and more reliable now!! 😮‍💨 Also, this is just me (Angie) running it, so if you’d like to chip in for server hosting costs, my Venmo is @wangie or Paypal is, and even $10 from whoever can afford it will help. ❤️

For full financial transparency, the server is $20/month and I figured I’d do an annual drive and eat whatever costs are left over. And if this server turns out to be unused after like a month, I’ll close up shop and send any excess dono $ to a charity/nonprofit of ST’s choice. ✌️

@announcements things seemed to be holding steady yesterday afternoon but took a real nosedive in the evening and the europeans who provide this service were asleep lol

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